The company


The company DIVINAFARM RD was founded in October 2014, a start-up company, for the purpose of organic cultivation of prickly pear, with 7,500 plants, in an estate of 80 acres located in the plain of Karystos, Evia on the provincial road Karystos – Marmari. In 2019, inside the estate, a factory for processing prickly pear and its derivatives was built, for the preparation of FUNCTIONAL FOODS such as:

  1. Stevia jam for diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, pasta with pulp and prickly pear leaf also for diabetes.
  2. Production of oil from the seeds of prickly pear, the most valuable, rare and expensive derivative, with strong anti-aging action on the face and body, with a spectacular effect on the healing of acne, eczema and facial scars, especially after Surgery and Laser.
  3. Production of nutritional supplements to improve sperm, especially its fertilizing ability. The intense antioxidant action of the components of prickly pear acts on the mitochondria of cells, improving the quality of eggs in women and at the same time acting as an inhibitor of premature ovarian failure that has plagued many women in recent years.
  4. Production of juice with strong antioxidant and antiviral action. The action of prickly pear on weight loss is also known.

Already, 7500 3 and 5 year old plants with specific varieties have been planted and cultivated. Yellow-green (Sulfarina), red (Sanguigna), white-yellow (Muscaredda) and red (Sanguigna). The goal is for the number of plants to reach 10,000 soon. It is an ecological crop taking care of the absorption and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, thus contributing significantly to tackling climate change since the 7500 plants have the ability to absorb 140 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.